HAPPY FRIDAY, BOYS! (and girls)

February 7th, 2014 by Megan Lindsey

Here at Search Influence, we’re all about tradition.

We’ve got loads of candy in the kitchen, an anonymous question of the day on the community whiteboard, king cakes all Mardi Gras season long, double booked conference rooms, and every single Friday afternoon ends the same way.

No matter what you’re doing, or how busy and stressed out you are, you’ll know when it’s five o’clock.  You’ll hear it coming loud from the Development Department.  It’s time to listen to “This is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan.  It’s a tradition that began with a former Influencer that we refuse to break (Shout Outs, J-Luft!).  I mean, seriously, is there any better way to start off your weekend!? It’s 3 minutes and 59 seconds of head bobbing, hand waving, and lip syncing – or loud singing – bliss.  In that moment you forget everything that you’ve ever known and remember what’s important in life.  The weekend.

While this doesn’t exactly mean it’s time to pack up and go, because let’s be real, we’ve still got stuff to do, it’s a signal of what’s to come.  You may think that we’ve grown tired of one another after spending over 50 hours a week sitting two feet apart, but that’s not the case.  For some odd reason, some of us just can’t seem to get enough.

Carrollton Station New Orleans

So after we convince ourselves that we’ve accomplished all that we can in a workweek, or slowly peer pressure one another to leave, one-by-one we head on down three blocks to the station. Carrollton Station.

While I could go on for days about all of the fun things that have happened, conversations we’ve had, or the moments we can’t quite seem to forget (or remember) at the station, instead I’ll fill you in on the reasons why we keep going back.



Carrollton Station Activities

After sitting at a computer for over 8 hours a day, it’s time for a little cardio.  On any given Friday, you can see Influencers doing any combination of the following:

  • Ping Pong Tournaments
  • Darts
  • Shot skis – For added team building
  • Buying drinks for co-workers – Because you owe them for helping you out that week
  • Starting/Building Fires in the back patio area – It’s cool, we have Boy Scouts on the team
  • Watching the Saints  – Vuvuzela horn every time they score and free shots after the game


While we try to avoid talking shop, it’s inevitable.  The nights always seem to begin with those topics, because it tends to take a few drinks for us to forget about the work week. But those stories always lead to funnier stories, which turn into inside jokes we laugh about for years.  This is the time when you really get to know your co-workers and decide that you’re also friends.

Food & Drinks

 I guess it’s more drink than food…but it’s alright! We worked hard this week and we’re sleeping in tomorrow.

  • $1 Tacos  –  Pretty self explanatory
  • “Blue Moonshine Death Berries” –  Everclear soaked berries in some concoction of a drink
  • Jello shots  – Randomly passed around for free
  • Fireball, Fireball, Fireball, SHOTS


Most nights involve some sort of live music.  If there’s not some crazy Russian band or local New Orleans brass group lined up, the ‘skinny thigh guitar guy’ will start his acoustic jams.  If for some reason there’s nothing on the schedule, there’s always the jukebox. It’s important to mention that the Dev boys always end up singing “There is A Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths.

The Usuals

Since it’s a neighborhood bar, you typically end up seeing the same faces or hearing familiar sounds.  Outside of the SI group and the usual three bartenders (shout out Lillian), you’ll probably spot the bar cat, named Powder Cat, roaming around the backyard and patio.  “Wait, did I just hear a dolphin?” Nope. That’s just the sound of a frequent patron’s laugh that we all know and love.  And don’t forget about our friend, Harvey.  He keeps talking about rounding people up and having some pajama party at the Station? (Not sure what that’s all about.)

After Party

There’s no telling what mood will strike, who will stay out, or where you’ll end up, but it’s possible that you’ll find yourself at one of these places:

At Search Influence we work hard and we play hard.  We’re all about teamwork and team building, and if you make friends along the way, well that’s even better!  As the company continues to grow, so do our weekly gatherings at Carrollton Station.  If you’re in the neighborhood on a Friday, stop on by. The more the merrier!

What’s your favorite memory from a Friday night out with co-workers?