Facebook Insights UI Problems

August 4th, 2010 by Search Influence Alumni

Why I Dislike Facebook Insights

As I was checking up on the performance of a few fanpage campaigns today, I was hit with the revelation that Facebook Insights is a terrible web metric tool.

What is Facebook Insights you may ask?

Here’s the abridged FB definittion: “Facebook Insights provides Facebook Page owners and Platform application developers with metrics around their content.

Facebook Insights Update

Basically it is the tool that you use to measure how successful your social media endeavors on Facebook really are. The problem I have with this tool is the lack of functionality. I guess if I was the average Joe, the how I can interact with the metrics wouldn’t be such a big deal but I spend a great deal of money on Facebook advertising for community development. Maybe I’m just spoiled by Google Analytics but Facebook Insights is just tedious to me. Sure the graphs are nice and the dashboard is set up nicely for at a glance viewing but I need more. I hope that with the increasing number of internet marketing utilizing Facebook Advertising , Facebook development team will overhaul Insights. I guess for the time being this search marketer can only dream…