Celebrate Good Times: The Birthday Experience at SI

August 31st, 2015 by Amanda Ball

Here at Search Influence, we take our colleagues’ birthdays very seriously. With cards, delicious treats, and amazing desk decorations, you can definitely feel the love on your birthday at SI.


There are many ways we have celebrated colleagues’ birthdays, but one of my favorite times was when we all dressed in black t-shirts and jeans to celebrate our lead developer’s birthday. Another favorite was when we recently decorated our partner accounts team manager’s desk with balloons, confetti, and a banner. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE confetti? Finally, my all-time favorite is when a few of my colleagues (work besties) decorated my desk with the ultimate One Direction desk decorations, treats, and pictures.



Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be any more celebrating to be done…you are wrong! Every month, a member of our team begins planning a birthday brigade to celebrate all employees’ birthdays for that month. The birthday brigade has celebrated at Happy’s Irish Pub, Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant, and The Rusty Nail. Employees who have birthdays in that month all decide together on where the team will branch out to party!


I can’t wait to see where the team will venture out to celebrate for September birthdays and what other birthday surprises will emerge in the office. Comment below with what special ways your office celebrates birthdays.


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