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June 17th, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

Make Facebook Comments Box Indexable by Search Engines — SEOmoz

It’s a common belief in the SEO community that Facebook comment boxes are not indexable by search engines, even with the recent ranking algorithm that promotes valuable comments. This simple piece of PHP code allows you to insert a Facebook Comment Box into your site and serve up your comments to be crawled and indexed.

Facebook Sees Big Traffic Drops in US and Canada as It Nears 700 Million Users Worldwide — Inside Facebook

While the social media giant is strengthening in other parts of the world, Facebook actually lost US and Canadian users as well as seeing a drop in new signups. While the fluctuations can be attributed to short-term fluctuations such as graduation season, the data is intriguing — there could be major ramifications if the numbers hold up.

PPC: Tablet Targeting Strategies — GetElastic

A handy list of basics for targeting your PPC campaigns specifically toward the briskly expanding tablet demographic. It’s worth noting that Adwords also allows one to target iPad iOS users in particular, with options for other devices such as the Blackberry Playbook planned.

Google and Silicon Valley’s cult of innovation — The Telegraph

Digital media editor Emma Brnett writes up the Inside Search Google event, where Amit Singhal announced new features like desktop voice search and Google Instant.

Spam clogging Amazon’s Kindle self-publishing — Reuters

With the recent digital self-publishing boom, thousands of ebooks are being released onto Amazon every month. However, some of them aren’t written in the traditional sense — or are even existing books slightly altered to create dozens of spam copies. One suggestion is to start charging for uploads to the Kindle system, which would remove financial results for spammers. Should Amazon let the market remain free and trust that quality will float to the top, or attempt to impose some order on the chaos? What do you think?