5 For Friday – Links, Stories, & Posts For Your Weekend

September 21st, 2012 by Lauren Christy

• 9 Facebook Marketing Tips to Improve Engagement – Social Media Examiner

Often, small businesses let their social media accounts get pushed aside due to the lack of time or knowledge of how to successfully engage with consumers. Connecting directly with your fans can help grow your business and expand your brand. Here, Andrea Vahl explores a number of great and easy ways to interact with your client base.

• Ways Social Media Impacts SEO – Search Engine Journal

Think social media isn’t necessary for your business? Think again. As social media – such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – becomes more and more of a vital tool for businesses of all sizes, this article takes a look at how actively using these accounts can help with your internet search presence.

• iOS 6 Upgrade Has Its Share of Troubles – Mashable

Ever heard the saying “You can’t make everyone happy”? Like with any new technology, there is always criticism. Barely out for 24 hours, Apple’s new iOS upgrade for iPhone & iPad is no different.

• Kid Tech, According to Apple – Infographic Journal

How times have changed. When I was 13 – which wasn’t much more than a decade ago – tablets didn’t exist, mp3 players were just being invented and having your own cellphone was unheard of. Now, these devices are handed to kids before they enter kindergarten. This infographic takes an interesting – and I think shocking –  look at the popularity of these smart-devices among kids today.

• YouTube Is Top Free App In iTunes Charts; Google Maps To Be Next? – Marketing Land

Wait – YouTube didn’t have an iPhone or iPad app until a week ago? Until it was released, most didn’t realize that YouTube did not have an actual app on Apple smart devices. Now that YouTube has been removed from the iOS update and developed a #1 iTunes download, many wonder: will Google Maps will be the next former default program to receive an app?