5 For Friday — Links, Stories & Posts For Your Weekend

July 29th, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

How SEO Can Work With Content Strategy — TopRank

While much of SEO is focused on the technical aspects such as linkbuilding and algorithm reputation, the quality of website content itself is of at least as much importance. TopRank’s Lee Odden and Content Specialist Margot Bloomstein give you the skinny about how organizations can reach and engage their audience through careful content development, producing an end product that’s “Findable, Readable, Understandable, Actionable and Shareable.”

Think Blogging is a Dead-End for Your Small Business? — Search Engine Journal

If you’re a small business interested in online expansion, you may be wondering if setting up and regularly maintaining a blog is worth the effort. While the motivations for blogging can be radically different from establishment to establishment, the end goal is the same: to target your customers. This article discusses the many advantages of blogging and how to avoid some common pitfalls such as failing to consistently update with fresh content, analyze the blog’s metrics or respond to user feedback.

How to Tweet From Your Archives Without Pissing People Off — Graywolf’s SEO

Do you have a large backlog of interesting, pertinent archived content that you want to expose to new users or followers? In this handy how-to, Michael Gray explains the ins and outs of grooming your list of selections to create a sleek and multi-faceted campaign to get your older content maximum exposure.

IT and SEO Teams Should Work Together — SEO Chat

All too often SEO and IT professionals end up at odds throughout the course of a project, slowing work progress and creating discord in the team. SEO Chat’s Terri Wells gives examples of some common causes of this friction, as well as tips on how to resolve the problem and create well-functioning team in which all facets collaborate and respect each other.

Bing Unfolds a New Set of Finance Tools — ProNet Advertising

If you’re a NASDAQ news junkie who’s considering making the switch to Bing, you’re in luck. The Microsoft-driven Google competitor has unveiled a whole new suite of financial tools designed to allow you to keep track of social stock conversations, display recent news stories applicable to your researched companies and share decisions to buy, sell or trade via a Facebook widget. By aligning itself with well-established third parties in the sphere such as Seeking Alpha and StockTwits.com, Bing has created a hithero-unseen conglomerate of resources designed to get you every bit of financial information you could ever ask for in a single service. Click through to get the goods on how this social search bigwig is turning its focus to Wall Street.