5 For Friday — Links, Stories & Posts For Your Weekend

November 2nd, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

1. Facebook Launches New Option on Charitable Gifts — Mashable

Recently, Facebook created a new feature on Charitable Gifts that allow users to make a charitable donation in recognition of friends and family members. Users will be able to either choose the organization or let the friend or family member choose. With its 11 non-profit partners, Facebook is rolling out this test to help these organizations raise funds and increase awareness. Is this something you would considering doing on the social network?

2. New “Quality Impact” feature on Bing Advertising to Help with Transparency — Search Engine Land

The new “Quality Impact” feature will help advertisers learn how to increase impression share by improving the Quality Score for each keyword. The analysis can be accessed through the keyword report or its API. This will be a big game changer and provide advertisers more guidance than Google Adwords’ counterpart.

3.  Foursquare Making a Splash in Local Search — Local Search Insider

Foursquare is making a ripple with its marketing tactics this year by positioning itself as a competitor in the mobile local search game. Read SI’s Joseph Henson’s blog on how Foursquare is building a more “robust improvements to their local search feature, Explore.” Stay ahead of the curve with this insider scoop.

4.  When to optimize or review your optimizations?  — Search Engine Watch

Whether your site is new or the site has been around for awhile, on page optimization is important to SEO. What should you for? How is my content affecting my SEO? This blog will give you pointers of what to look for when you are optimizing or re-optimizing content on your site.

5. Google’s Universal Analytics and What it Means to You — Google Analytics

Want to see what Google has been developing? Users search in many different ways and with different mediums to get information. How do we track everything? Check out the Google Analytics blog to get a full overview of the “entire marketing funnel.” It will be interesting to see how Google manages this application.