5 for Friday — Links, Stories & Posts For Your Weekend, 5pecial Graph 5earch Edition!

January 25th, 2013 by Search Influence Alumni

In a special edition of 5 for Friday, we’ve compiled the best articles about Facebook’s new Graph Search, which was released for beta testing on January 15!

Facebook SEO Comes to Life as Graph Search Launches — Social Media Today

Facebook’s newest addition, Graph Search, blurs the line between social and search, gearing towards a new type of search behavior that combines relevant and timely content. Rather than provide the same results as Google or Bing, Graph Search provides personalized results including individuals, photos, places, and interests.

Facebook Graph Beta Offers Multidimensional Social Search, New Networking Capabilities — Search Influence

Normally I avoid our own blog in the 5 for Friday recap, but I LOL’d at this flashback to the good ol’ days when an .edu email address was required to have a Facebook account and created a “25-and-under wonderland of location-based dating.” Now with Graph Search, we can search friends of friends who have similar interests, thus making connecting a whole lot easier!

New Tumblr Blog Raises Privacy Concerns Over Facebook Graph Search — Search Engine Land

Graph Search has already raised questions regarding the loss of privacy. The discovery tool has the potential to take a very creepy turn — Tom Scott’s Tumblr blog includes searches such as “Single women who live nearby and who are interested in men and like getting drunk” to demonstrate the lurking possibilities. Fortunately, Facebook has improved their privacy settings and included tips on how to control what others see. Our tip? If you wouldn’t want your newly “Internet-savvy” grandmama to see it, keep it off of the ‘book.

Four Things Marketers Can Do with Facebook Graph Search — AllFacebook

While businesses cannot optimize their pages for Graph Search, they can take advantage of the new “third pillar.” According to AllFacebook, Graph Search delivers advertising tools to businesses, including higher click through rates, sponsored results, advanced targeting and demographic research.

Facebook Graph Search MANIA! Must-Read Resources, UI Tour & Review — AimClear

AimClear is already looking to the future, questioning where Facebook will take Graph Search next:
Graph Search PPC?
Event categories?
Specific posts?
Share your predictions for the future of Graph Search in the comments section below!