3 Ways to Present Share-Worthy Visual Content

May 27th, 2015 by Search Influence Alumni

Content is the reigning king of the marketing world, but the way that content is presented can be instrumental in its success. The most well-written, interesting article won’t do very well if it’s a long block of text. We live in a very visual world, so companies and marketing experts are finding that visual content is actually out-performing its less attractive counterparts. These are three ways you can present your content in a visually stimulating way to appeal to your audience base.


Studies have shown that infographics can increase traffic to your website or social media accounts by up to 12 percent. These creative tools allow you to convey a lot of information in an attractive, readable way. From charts to illustrated timelines, infographics can be used in a variety of ways in any number of industries. You can present research findings, how-to guides, and even more traditional documents like annual reports in the form of infographics. You’ll find that your audience is far more likely to engage with your content if it’s communicated as visual information, resulting in a broader reach and an easier transfer of data.

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Annotated Image

Annotated images often take the form of inspirational quotes over attractive stock photos, but this media form can actually be used to communicate information. Consider statistics. Statistics are very shareable bits of data, but unfortunately, they’re often presented in a way that isn’t visually appealing. Don’t give your audience a bulleted list—present them with one statistic over a creative, relevant image or background color that matches your branding. These images are easy to digest and share, and they draw attention to your company’s mission without the heavy-handedness of an advertisement. Your annotated images can link to blog posts or internal pages on your website, or they can simply be a part of a series you regularly post to social media.

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Picture-Rich Blog Posts

The way we blog or post articles has changed at a frighteningly slow pace, and is often counterintuitive to the way readers engage with our content. A tiny picture in the left-hand corner and large blocks of text simply don’t cut it anymore. Redefine the way you think about blogging. Break up your posts with full-sized, sharp images. If you don’t have your own pictures of the subject matter, high-quality stock images can be just as engaging and eye-catching. Shorten your paragraphs to a sentence or two, and use bold text to emphasize numbers and statistics. Simply put, make your blog posts highly visual and easily scan-able.

By sharing information as an infographic, annotated image, or a photo-heavy blog post or article, you can outplay the average consumer’s waning attention span. If your content is great, present it in a way that will be noticed.

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