10 Reasons Why Google is King of all the Internet

August 15th, 2013 by Search Influence Alumni

And how we can’t live without it.

1) It’s a Google world, and we’re just living in it.

Google Doodle

You turn to it for nearly every aspect of your life.


2) You turn to Google for the unanswered questions about life.


Inquiring minds want to know: “What is twerking?” Approximately 40,500 people search this phrase per month.


3) You check with it before making a major purchase.

Honey Boo Boo agrees

Potential buyers Google (search) “car reviews” 74,000 times on average each month, but people are actually more curious about Honey Boo Boo… She more than doubles this at 1,830,000 Google searches per month!


4) You turn to it when you want to know what a big word means.

Teresa giudice googleing

Knowing the meaning of words and spelling them correctly is really hard. That’s why about 13,600,000 people search for dictionary words each month. Its ok, Teresa, you aren’t alone: People Google “sociopath” 368,000 times a month!


5) You turn to it for help when you want to check the weather.


“Because just looking outside would be too much work, I will Google this on my smart phone from the the comfort of my bed,” says about 37,200,000 people a month!


6) You look to it when searching for your soul mate.

Jillian workaholics

We all just want the same thing and that is love! An average 5,000,000 people are looking for love online each month!


7) You turn to it when you aren’t feeling well.


If you’re not feeling well, Google’s got you covered. An average of 450,000 people are searching the word “doctor” each month.


8) You check with it before you go out to eat.

Jess - New Girl searches for food!

We are all so hungry! 55,600,000 people are searching for “restaurants” every month!

9) You use it to help find your next vacation destination.

Vicki Gunvalson searches travel

Vicki, we hear you! Approximately 1,500,000 people are searching for the word “travel.” That means a lot of people are looking to plan getaways.


10) You turn to it for help when trying to learn how to communicate with others.

Brave doesn't speak bear!

Neither do we! But nearly 18,100 people are inquiring about “foreign languages” each month!

You turn to it for guidance in every aspect of your life!

Teresa praises google

All hail Google!

Try making it just one day without searching Google… I bet you can’t last 24 hours.