VoIP PBX Hybrid systems, also known as IPBX uses the internet protocol to carry calls.

PBX systems have not historically been cost-effective enough for small businesses and individuals. In the 1990's, however, a change occurred.  Vendors started producing smaller consumer grade (and size) PBX systems.  These systems aren't equal to industrial grade PBX systems, but with the advent of VoIP, PBX Hybrid systems are greatly reducing the cost of entry, and other telecommunications costs as well.

As more and more consumers are moving to VoIP, these consumer grade VoIP PBX hybrid systems have enabled a simple path to the addition of more and more features.  The new generation VoIP PBX hybrid systems bring much of the functionality of a corporate PBX within reach of consumers and SOHO operations.
There are many options for a VoIP PBX Hybrid system.
One of the better known is Altigen.  From the web site http://www.graysales.com

VoIP Phone Systems – Voice Over IP

AltiGen Communications released the world's first VoIP phone system in 1996 which was designed from the ground up for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Today, traditional ways of communicating are rapidly giving way to a new world ushered in by the ability to transfer voice over the Internet. AltiGen's IP phone systems utilizing VoIP technology are designed to support voice and data communications converged into a single streamlined data network.


How It Works

When you are using AltiGen's IP phone system and telephones, your voice is translated into digital data packets that are then routed over a Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) based Local Area Network (LAN) to the AltiGen IP phone system. The AltiGen IP phone system, acting as the traffic cop, then routes your call to an appropriate destination determined by the phone number you have dialed – another IP or analog extension, an external number via analog, T1, or E1 trunking interfaces through your local phone company, or to other AltiGen Phone Systems via IP over a LAN, WAN or the Internet.


Benefits of VoIP

  • More features and information available on the IP Telephones
  • Concurrent support for legacy analog telephones and newer IP Telephones
  • Telecommuters now have a working corporate telephone extension at home
  • Easier Extension and Multi-Site Administration
  • Unified corporate appearance over multiple locations
  • Consolidated Infrastructure requirements resulting from the use of existing data networks
  • Reduced Long Distance Toll Charges through Voice over IP trunking
To find out more about VoIP telephony, the VoIP PBX Hybrid concept and the Altigen line, visit http://www.graysales.com.