Video Styles

1. CAMEO -This style is when the business spokesperson is looking directly into the camera as if they are actually talking to the viewer. Car dealerships are known for this style, along with lawyers, home mortgage & financial companies, doctors, dentists, and furniture and mattress outlets. Any business that wants to reach out directly to the audience to take action. This is an effective and proven method of advertising for the right business. B-roll footage is also included.

2. NEWS -This style is more of an informative style that allows the viewer make their own decision based on the facts presented by the company’s spokesperson. A non- intrusive spokes person (Usually the owner, president or GM) answers questions about the business on camera like you would see in a news piece on TV. Additional footage (b-roll) is filmed that is cut into the interview as visual support. This form of advertising is popular with a wide range of businesses that want a real person to speak on camera in a modest fashion.

3. Pro-VO – This style is when a videographer shoots only B-roll footage of the business’s daily activity. A spokes person is not used to speak on camera. The result is a video with edited footage and professional voice-over mixed with music. This is a flexible marketing tool that offers the creation of a well-written script that says exactly what the business owner wants.

**You can choose to do a combination of the Cameo and Pro-VO styles. Many customers choose this when the spokesperson isn’t on-screen for very long. We fill in with a professional voiceover.**