WordCamp New Orleans – Speaking on WordPress SEO

April 11th, 2009 by Will Scott

I spent the last 2 days at a fantastic conference — the kind we need more of around here — WordCamp NOLA.

Day 1 was a bit of a Social Media day, more introduction than implementation.

Day 2 was, if I do say so myself, much more full of actionable stuff including my presentation on WordPress SEO.

I drew on our own experience working with clients and borrowed from some of the best in the industry.

For your viewing pleasure, here is the presentation:

I have to say, there’s something a little scary about in-conference twitter feeds but it turns out most of the commentary was complimentary and I want to thank all in attendance for their support and appreciation.

Following are some of the comments from the twitter feed:

@chaseswindler: Well i missed followfriday since I was at #wordcampnola but here’s some cool peeps I met there. @jessnola @benhuh @w2scott @iammattthomas

@jessNOLA: At lunch with @w2scott and the domainer guys after an awesome #wordcampnola http://twitpic.com/35yxy

@djpoptart: RT @jessnola: @w2scott #wordcampnola presentation will be posted on search influence blog, site is http://searchinfluence.com


: RT@filosofo @w2scott: You might be interested in my WP comments page SEO plugin http://tinyurl.com/5dw69u (expand) #wordcampnola

@20bs: Big up @w2scott very well done, extremely helpful and informative #wordcampnola

@ryancolgin: Agreed – RT @JMillsPaysBills: @w2scott – you da man! #wordcampnola

@lizmoney: @jessnola @JMillsPaysBills yep, looking at my search stats, lots of hits that lead to my sites are often misspellings #wordcampnola

@snakejw: @w2scott thanks – great presentation. #wordcampnola

@socalcane: @w2scott – great presentation! I’ll be following your blog going forward!

@JMillsPaysBills: @w2scott – you da man! #wordcampnola

@jessNOLA: “Don’t underestimate the value of real relationships in SEO.” In reference to link building. From @w2scott #wordcampnola

@jessNOLA: @JMillsPaysBills I know! So going to start doing that. Never would’ve thought of it. @w2scott Great talk. Thx for the info! #wordcampnola

@filosofo: @w2scott: You might be interested in my WP comments page SEO plugin http://tinyurl.com/5dw69u #wordcampnola

@JMillsPaysBills : @jessnola @w2scott different misspellings of keywords tag is an awesome idea.

@jessNOLA: References slide from @w2scott SEO for WordPress talk at #wordcampnola. Not sure if it’s readable, but maybe. http://twitpic.com/35oyo

@jessNOLA: Best use of keywords tag is to include common misspellings. View source at whitehouse.gov for good example. From @w2scott #wordcampnola

@TheJeffMadison: #wordcampnola SEO tip keywords = useless except for misspellings

@judiknight: Will says “I can make a crappy site rank with a lot of incoming links”, #wordcampnola

@colingagon: great wp seo presentation, Will, thanks! got exactly what i needed. #wordcampnola

@jessNOLA: @w2scott #wordcampnola presentation will be posted on search influence blog, site is http://searchinfluence.com

@jakebondo: Can we get all keynote slides in one place? #wordcampnola

@davidlink: Yoast = Joost de Valk #wordcampnola

@lizmoney: @jessnola srsly, i’m so flattered and validated that he’s been a long time twitter contact of mine #wordcampnola

@lizmoney: SEO is a whole nother kind of hacking, if you can think like a hacker, you can rock some SEO #wordcampnola

@jessNOLA : @lizmoney agreed. Will is totally rocking this. Impressed with his knowledge. Soothing voice, to boot. 😉 @w2scott #wordcampnola

@rondomingue: Despite what people may think if there are real people at Google that will review your site if flagged #wordcampnola

@ErikaLehmann: Realizing I’m rather SEO clueless when I’m only following half of what @w2scott is saying. Happy to finally learn. #wordcampnola

@Net2NO: Founding member & past beer sponsor Will Scott (@w2scott) of Search Influence: awesome SEO talk at #wordcampnola! http://twitpic.com/35nz8

@ryancolgin: Was anyone else thinking Will Scott’s voice is very Kevin Spacey-esque?? #wordcampnola

@chaseswindler: WordPress seo talk by will scott. #wordcampnola

@judiknight: Very interested in this SEO talk.Will is good speaker, great voice. Sounds like he knows what he is talking about. #wordcampnola

@Net2NO: Duplicate content = SEO Death @w2scott at #wordcampnola

@filosofo: Listening to a good SEO talk by @w2scott at #wordcampnola

@dalamanna: @ErikaLehmann @davidlink #wordcampnola yes, but can @w2scott do uncanny Christopher Walken impressions?

@champsuperstar: yay! my redirect questions being answered by @w2scott at #wordcampnola – talk about timely!

@unapologetic: @w2scott presentation is full of useful WordPress SEO info – some real, practical, useable stuff… (finally) #wordcampnola

@chaseswindler: He is @w2scott btw

@caseybradford : @w2scott really knows his seo. #wordcampnola

@jessNOLA: SEO Description Tag “This is your elevator pitch, don’t let WordPress pitch it for you.” @w2scott #wordcampnola

@ErikaLehmann: Listening to @w2scott

talk about SEO for WordPress at #wordcampnola – smart guy, easy to listen to!

@jessNOLA: wordpress: quick to deploy, easy to manage, optimized for speed, extensible plugin architecture. according to @w2scott at #wordcampnola

@jessNOLA: just moved front and center @wordcampnola for @w2scott‘s presentation. so i can heckle him, of course. #wordcampnola

@lizmoney: Will is gonna rock this. i love me some him #wordcampnola