Is Website Promotion Just Good Salesmanship?

October 27th, 2006 by Will Scott

I’ve recently become enamored of the long sales letter – here is one of my favorite examples from the last couple weeks. He’s selling the hosting, he’s selling his money-making website, but mostly he’s selling the dream “Internet Riches” for next to nothing.

The long sales letter speaks to a number of issues that I think are often overlooked – and some might say if they looked at our website by us too – much of website promotion is just good salesmanship. Let’s look at some elements of the long sales letter as an example of things which, if done in in a slightly less vulgar way, would actually benefit any revenue generating website:

  • First and foremost – they ask for the sale! Spend a little time out there and you’ll see this is a big problem for a lot of very capable technical and creative companies.
    • “Click here to buy now!” is about as direct as it gets.
  • They focus on benefits, not features (sure, you get some features too, but really it’s all about what’s in it for you!)
  • They demonstrate results – that’s what all those silly testimonials are about – they’re showing you real people who made it work for them. I mean really, if some Topeka housewife can make $8,783 in one month you can too!

Website Promotion is no different than any other expressions of salesmanship – and in fact, the graphical nature allows you some benefits too – you have to ask for the sale, focus on benefits and demonstrate results.

Do these things consistently and results will follow.

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P.S. If you’d like to learn more, buy Henry Cowen’s (my stepfather’s) book “I Sent You a Letter – Did You Reply?”

P.P.S. Henry is a master of selling with words – I credit him with any valuable advice I might give. I am solely responsible for the bad advice.