Website Promotion is not Voodoo

October 27th, 2006 by Will Scott

For a couple years I’ve thought, about what would I blog? I’m sure lots of people have the same blank sheet syndrome about blogging.

In August I spent a week at SES in San Jose, CA, and I was struck by one thing: most search marketing folks are still banking on the fact that you don’t understand what they do. This is great for them, not so good for you.

My company, Search Influence, We would much rather people understand exactly the service we provide. Nothing we do is voodoo, it’s best practices SEO and website promotion packaged in an approachable way for the typical small business. As I continue to write here I’ll touch on some of what we do, and my opinions about events in the industry. I may also throw in the occasional pseudo-political rant about New Orleans and the general state of things, so be warned.

I hope you enjoy, learn, and if you are able: join me in democratizing the knowledge of how average people can achieve above average ranking.