Is Website Promotion more valuable than design

October 27th, 2006 by Will Scott

Or, as a subtitle: Who’s afraid of the big bad template?

Ok, all of you design / aesthetic purists get your typing fingers ready.

I believe in the project management triple constraint – there is always a trade-off among time, quality and resources. So put simply, in a world of infinite resources you can do anything by tomorrow.

If however you have limited resources (hint: everyone does, it’s just a question of how soon they’re over the limit), you will have to choose between, sometimes, competing needs. In which area of website development do you invest those limited resources? Is it in design, or website promotion?

What if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could have great website design and very robust website promotion? I’m going to argue that if you have a website, promotion is what matters most.

Did you build it for your grandmother? Did you build it to remind yourself of why you’re in business?

NO! If you’re in business, you know you have to promote your business or you won’t be for long. You built that website, promotion tool that it is, to bring in new customers or reinforce your value propositon with existing ones.

More to come…