To blog, or not to blog

October 21st, 2010 by Search Influence Alumni

On Tuesday our paid search manager, Anthony Coleman wrote an excellent blog: “What small Business can learn from Comics”. In two days of publication we have seen over 700 visits to his blog post, making it the most popular blog in Search Influence History. I feel we may have a competition on our hands now. Using his search marketing expertise and his love for comic books, Anthony wrote a blog explaining why Marvel Entertainment has a much stronger internet marketing campaign than their competitor DC Comics. His educational and entertaining blog was retweeted by Marvel and then picked up on their Facebook page, thus making it the most popular blog in Search Influence history.

Why was Anthony’s blog so popular? He chose a topic he is genuinely interested in and wrote about it. This blog post was fun for him to write which translated to an enjoyable read for followers. As seen by Anthony’s blog, taking the time to write a well rounded blog can bring new visitors to your site and help keep your existing visitors engaged in your product or service.

Small business owners are experts at running their business. There is nobody in the world that is going to know more about your business than you. So write about it! Why? Not only will it help your search engine rankings, but it can put your business in front of new clients. A well maintained blog will show your customers that you are an expert at what you do and that you are keeping up with the latest and greatest in your industry.

By writing fresh content on your site you are giving your business the opportunity to be distributed and found by others. When you write about something you are passionate about chances are somebody else shares the same passion. In case of comics, thousands of people share this interest. When faced with the question to blog or not to blog, find something you are genuinely interested in and relate it to what you do.

Coming from a family of small business owners, I know most small business owners have an opinion about everything. Let the world hear yours in the form of a blog! After you have written a blog, share it with everyone you know. With social media outlets there is no limit to where your blog might end up. So sit down and let the world hear your voice. You never know, it might get picked up Marvel Entertainment.

Special thanks to Brian Hillegas for the great image!