Think Your Coworkers Have Cool Hobbies? Check Out These Interesting Influencers!

January 7th, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni


As the largest online marketing firm on the Gulf Coast, Search Influence has attracted an eclectic group of employees with an array of talents. While our clients know our team members as talented online marketing experts, our Influencers’ talents extend beyond the friendly confines of our 13th-floor office. Since January is National Hobby Month, I spoke with a few Influencers about their hobbies outside of work.

Influencer: Shaye

Department: Production

Hobby: Drawing and art are some of Shaye’s most notable hobbies. Recently, Shaye showcased at the New Orleans Comic and Zine festival and sold works at a local pop up shop called<100, which aims to promote gender wage equality.

Quote from Shaye: “I started out just doodling on everything. You should see my meeting notes. All my friends and family have been incredibly supportive of my art. My partner bought me a graphics tablet this year, and everything took off from there. I still can’t believe I was able to showcase next to so many amazing artists at NOCAZ and at <100.”

Shaye Display Illustrations

Influencer: Meaghan

Department: Production

Hobby: Meaghan has been swing dancing for roughly five years and has learned all the major swing dance types, including lindy, balboa, blues, and solo jazz, which she believes is her best dance. Meaghan has also done a bunch of other partner dances like the waltz, foxtrot, and tango, as well as the salsa and cha cha.

Quote from Meaghan: “Sometimes dancing feels more natural than walking. The music comes on, and it’s automatic and instinctual. When you dance with a partner, you end up sharing that with another person. So then it’s like nothing exists except your connection and the music, and there’s nothing that makes me feel more alive, or more human in a way.”

Influencer: Maggie

Department: Account Management

Hobby: Maggie plays in a cornhole league with a number of her Search Influence coworkers! Search Influence prides itself on a collaborative team environment, so it’s no surprise that Maggie and her coworkers form one of the most imposing cornhole squads you’ll see in the Crescent City.

Quote from Maggie: “We all have a great time cheering each other on, and competing against each other too! It’s a great way for us to relax after work, especially since cornhole is a leisurely and (mostly) no contact sport.”

Influencer: Serena

Department: Account Management

Hobby: Serena plays roller derby for the Big Easy Rollergirls AllStars, New Orleans’ premier women’s flat track league. Serena is all business in the office and on the track, so if you come at her, you better come correct.

Quote from Serena: “I love playing roller derby because it makes you part of a community that promotes more than just being athletic (but that helps too!). I’ve skated alongside so many amazing women from many backgrounds over the last six years, and roller derby teaches you not only about teamwork but about yourself. It’s about empowering women to be real, strong and revolutionary–on skates and off! Come see the Big Easy Rollergirls skate at the Lakefront Arena in 2016!”

Influencer: Gabrielle

Department: Account Management

Hobby: In her spare time, Gabrielle is an avid runner. She recently ran the St. Jude Marathon and asked her fellow Influencers to support the cause. Thanks to her team’s support, Gabrielle raised $330 for a worthy cause. Around race season, Gabrielle participates with her coworkers in SI Running Club to train for 10Ks and half marathons. They even have team shirts, too!

Search Influence Runners

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