“Spirit Week” at Search Influence

June 10th, 2013 by Search Influence Alumni

Search Influence’s newly established Team Building Committee, a group of nominated SI employees that helps promote our eclectic company culture, put together a “Spirit Week” last week in preparation for our first company crawfish boil. Andre

Our first day of Spirit Week allowed SI employees to roll out of bed, ready to go to work. We celebrated “Pajama Day” on Monday, complete with comfy Yoga pants, slippers and the usual plaid sleep bottoms. SI Developer Andre Eble won Best Costume and an iTunes gift card for his unique combination of penguin flannel and Spider-Man.

School spirit was in the air on Tuesday when we celebrated “College Day” and witnessed school rivalries and die-hard alums. Some of the team chose to wear college t-shirts, while others went all out in a costume.

College Day

Wednesday was “Dress Like Your Favorite Lead Developer Day.” This day was dedicated to our very talented Lead Developer Luke Ludet and his timeless daily wardrobe choice: a black t-shirt and jeans. The SI office was filled with Luke Ledet wannabes reppin’ their black tees and jeans. Can you spot the real Luke Ledet in these pictures?

Luke 3

Our department teams got together for Thursday’s “Group Day” and used our arts and crafts skills for hilarious group get-ups. The White Label Account Management Team stuck to their New Orleans roots and put on their best Mardi Gras gear ready to party.

Mardi Gras

Our Production Team gave the office a sweet tooth when they dressed as Homer Simpson and a box of donuts.


The Direct Account Management Team was social media savvy and dressed as their favorite iPhone apps.


The A-Team used their local search skills as inspiration for their costumes and dressed up as Google Maps pins. Designer Will Monson, interpreted the theme a little differently and dressed as a member of SI’s predominantly female “group”- Account Management.

Pins and Will

And, the Best Costume Award for “Group Day” went to the Development Team, or rather “Black Rebel Meta Data Club,” for their hardcore biker costumes.

Meta Data Club

Spirit Week came to an end during Friday’s company crawfish boil at The Fly at Audubon Park, where we enjoyed Abita Amber and delicious boiled crawfish from Johnny’s Seafood. The team played games, tossed frisbees and spent time with co-workers from other departments.

Crawfish Table

Crawfish Boil

Crawfish Boil 3

Thanks to our wonderful Team Building Committee for their creativity and a successful Spirit Week. And, of course, a special thanks goes to Will and Angie for encouraging our dynamic company culture and making Search Influence such a great place to work.