Small Business Expert Website Promotion – You’re the Expert

October 27th, 2006 by Will Scott

I take part in a few online forums and I think they offer a great place to learn and interact with others in the community.

Just today I picked up on a thread which offered some great advice for small businesses in regard to more traditional marketing I’m re-posting my contribution because I think it offers some more good advice from our portfolio of website revenue building techniques. We believe in the value of articles to both prove the value of your service and, to generate quality inbound links and pass-through traffic.

Ultimately, there’s no greater expert in your business than you.

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I started my website out thinking, build it, post it and the overwhelming traffic on the web would lead to unreal amount of sales.

I love this line – I constantly find myself quoting Field of Dreams when it comes to online marketing because of exactly this perspective.

As you know, you aren’t the only one. I got an email from someone in my extended network saying our site’s been online for 2 weeks and nothing!. Heck, I have clients whose sites have been online for 5 years and given no leads.

But your other points are really good too – too often we get tunnel vision in marketing – whether because of time, budget or knowledge. Focusing on customer loyalty is always of value.

I know you’re not asking for advice, but I think this applies in the same way (just enabled by new technology).

The other thing which I think a lot of small businesses forget about is that they, themselves, are usually experts. I’ve got to imagine you wouldn’t have a sports related store if you weren’t committed to sports.

That said, why not leverage that expertise and write a couple articles to publish on your site and then publish into the article engines – this is a really low cost way to take advantage of your expertise to promote your concept.

Consider an article like Sports Gift Choices For The Guy Who Has It All. I bet you, or someone in your employ, or your network could write 500-700 words on that over morning coffee.

According to KeywordDiscovery, Sports Gift is estimated to get 500 + searches a day.. Gift Sports is 4 times as many, but harder to work into a title – maybe: Find Him The Ultimate Gift: Sports Are His Passion – Put His Favorite Team Under The Tree

You publish on your site, then you push it into a few of the higher profile article distribution sources and blammo – you borrow their authority to position yours.

And you know what the best part is? It’s free.

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This really encompasses two things I believe. Small business expert website promotion needs to include the expert – the small business owner. And, online article publication offers a great opportunity for you to get the word out about your business in a very cost-effictive way.

And, we’re happy to help you get out there by writing an publishing those articles for you.

Here’s the original thread. The Small Business Ideas Forum is a great resource from Search Engine Guide.