Search Influence Jobs: What Does an Account Associate Do?

August 24th, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni

I joined the Search Influence team as a Junior Account Associate a little over a year ago. After working closely with my manager and completing the training program, I was then promoted to Account Associate. By that time, I felt like I had learned so much and was excited to start managing clients on my own and become more independent at work.

Being an Account Associate at Search Influence is a great experience for so many reasons. Here are three of my favorites:

1: Opportunity for Growth

If you’re like me, you get bored when you feel like you aren’t being challenged, and it’s safe to say my job is never boring. We’re in an ever-changing industry, and that alone can be a challenge to keep up with. On top of that, we’re presented with many challenges on a daily basis, like answering difficult client questions, building custom strategies, or revamping internal processes. There were countless times when I felt stumped, and every time, there was someone ready to help me, whether it was just to answer a simple question or jump on a call for extra support.

2: The Team

Search Influence Jobs: What Does an Account Associate Do #1

This brings me to my next reason: the team! Account Associates are part of the Account Management department. We may all work with different clients in many different industries, but our day-to-day is pretty similar. We have a department meeting every morning to talk about where the team stands as far as our task list numbers, set team wide goals, give each other kudos, and talk about any projects or new problems that pop up. After that, we’re ready to get to work. A typical day for me includes speaking with clients about their campaigns, reviewing and editing content, attending meetings, creating custom strategies, analyzing website data, and monitoring campaigns to make sure deliverables are completed when scheduled.

3: Helping Businesses Reach Their Goals


We truly help businesses achieve their goals. All departments in the company work on every account at some point, but account managers get to be the face of the company by directly interacting with our clients. Because of that, we are the ones who really get to know our clients and their businesses inside and out. We learn about their goals going into the campaign and do everything we can within the scope of the campaign to get there. With that said, it’s one of the best feelings to not only see the work we’re doing result in positive increases online, but to also hear from your client that their business has grown so much that they are opening a new office or location. That really adds meaning to my job.

Now, I’m a Senior Account Associate and that means I get to take on bigger projects and mentor junior team members, which I really enjoy. Like I said, my job is never boring!