Read This! — November 2012

November 12th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

We’re back with another edition of Read This!, our monthly series exploring the DIY tips and tricks you can use to succeed online today.

• So, Foursquare is a search engine now? How do I get my business to the top of the results? —

Foursquare is on its way to becoming a hot name in local search, so what can you do to make sure your business is capitalizing on the action? By focusing on check-ins, likes, and community engagement, you’ll be on top of the game and the search results!

• Do One Thing & Do It Better Than Anyone Else — Inc.

While it may be tempting to try to “do it all,” aiming your energy in one direction will usually yield better, faster, and more impressive results than the sum of many unfocused efforts. Jeff Hoffan takes us through a variety of ways that specialization is preferable to generalization over at

• Top PPC Tips For Local Businesses — PPC Hero

We’ve learned that PPC is the way to go for advertising your business and product, but did you know that there’s a wealth of opportunity out there for businesses who cater to specifically local markets? Check out this thorough exploration of local PPC over at PPC Hero!

• Ultimate list of Google Authorship resources — Raven Tools

By connecting your G+ account to your blogging profile, you can get your name and face to appear in the search results page and lend weight and credibility to your posts. This post from the Raven Tools blog has an exhaustive list of resources on the subject, from guides to setting it up to tactics for utilizing it best to insights from Googlers themselves.

• How To Create Epic Content — CopyBlogger

Is your website’s content a little dry? Not quite attention-grabbing, perhaps? You need a generous dose of epic, and that’s just what this CopyBlogger piece aims to provide. Click over to read about how to build your brand, crush the competition, and sell your product — all while maintaining a strong and engaging voice that entertains and informs.