Read This! – June 2012

June 5th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

Every month, our Read This! series brings you the best in practical web marketing and online presence-building pieces from across the net. Read on for this month’s selection:

The Direct Path to Finding Prospects and Customers Online

Direct marketing is focused on the customer, speaking directly to them in order to grow the brand. Find out why this discipline accounts for over half of all ad spend and how to communicate with your prospects to turn them into loyal fans.

5 Tips For More Impact From Social Media Participation

Of course, getting likes and followers is just half the battle: for maximum exposure and customer interaction, you have to encourage audience participation whenever possible. Check out these handy tips to get tongues wagging and topics trending for your business.

9 Hot Skills That Are Trending on LinkedIn

Social media and the analytics thereof are a booming topic right now, and everyone’s on the lookout for qualified folks. Check out these phrases that are attracting interest among LinkedIn users in 2012.

Study Shows Return Policy Can Make or Break the Sale

If you’re in the business of distributing inventory online, give this one a look. Small factors such as the structure of your return policy or need to log in before making a transaction can have huge impacts on your bottom line.

How Many Fans Do Your Facebook Posts Reach?

With the advent of promoted posts, many Facebook users are becoming aware that their posts aren’t reaching the maximum amount of fans possible. Use this simple formula to figure out how many of your fans are actually seeing your content and how effective your pages are.