Read This! — December 2011

December 16th, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

One of the main purposes of our weekly 5 For Friday posts is to highlight weekly news stories that are funny, idea-provoking or just plain interesting. In this feature, we examine pieces that are useful, actionable and directly pertinent to you and your business. Check out these informative articles and get on the road to a bigger and better online presence:

How to Use YouTube to Build Explosive Product Buzz
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so on that note a video can be even more effective. This comprehensive guide gives you the basics of creating, optimizing and publishing a Youtube sensation that can grow your brand and attract even more eyeballs than static images or sales copy!

11 Editorial Guidelines Every Business Blog Needs
So have you taken our advice and started a blog for your business yet? Chances are you’re not just creating all the content yourself; this valuable set of guidelines can get you started on establishing rules and regulations for your posters and editing like a pro.

The Beginner’s Guide To Content Marketing
If you haven’t invested some energy into content marketing for your brand, you may be missing out on a whole swath of opportunity for new fans, viewers and clients. KISSmetric’s back-to-basics guide shows the advantages of this practice (as opposed to the “fatal flaws” of traditional advertising) and walks you through its first steps and best practices.

Is your SEO copy crap? 8 ways to tell
Yes, you may have paid an “SEO copywriting professional” to create the content on your website, but that’s no guarantee you’ve gotten the most you can for your dime. The always-excellent copybloggess Heather Lloyd-Martin shows you how to evaluate your site’s content and determine whether it stands on its own or requires some TLC.

Integrating Social Media With Your Customer Service
While social media marketing is a valuable and worth endeavor to grow your brand, simply gaining likes and followers isn’t enough. To dynamically engage your customers, your social media presence should incorporate an element of personalized customer service. Learn how to draw in your existing customer base and create a space for discussion, strengthening personal connections with and between your clients and getting proactive with your communciation.