For Plastic Surgery Marketing, Content Really is King

February 10th, 2010 by Will Scott

As anyone who knows me, or one of our team, or even who has read this blog a few times knows, we do a fair amount of work in online Plastic Surgery Marketing.

Plastic Surgery Marketing Success: Paul Parker M.D.

Paul Parker M.D. - New Jersey Plastic Surgeon

As with any business we have some customers who just go along – who are happy to get our monthly reports, see their return on investment analysis and make the occasional comment or request. While we try, we can’t get all of our plastic surgeon clients on the phone monthly or even quarterly and ultimately, when it’s their business and their paycheck they are the ones who have a vested interest in their marketing effectiveness.

Then there are the practices, in plastic surgery, marketing like crazy and very involved both in the process and the outcomes. The doctors who spend their weekends and evenings documenting procedures, researching the industry and engaging with prospective patients online using their web sites as a tool for plastic surgery marketing and eduction.

One such doctor is Paul Parker. Dr. Parker has spent countless hours writing and working with artists and designers to assure the information he presents is spot-on what his patients want.

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, New Jersey – Breast Augmentation
122 East Ridgewood Avenue
Paramus, NJ
07652 – (201) 967-1212

Recently Dr. Parker, working with our favorite plastic surgery website designer Aimee Ellingsen of Cake Websites & More, spent a lot of time revamping his breast lift pages.

Now, I’ll tell you. After 3 + years of working with plastic surgeons I know way too much about plastic surgery.

This stuff is amazing! Dr. Parker, through words and illustrations makes the considerations and the procedure of breast lift imminently approachable.

There’s a lot to plastic surgery marketing, but the foundation is a doctor who cares enough to educate patients on complicated topics.

Many plastic surgery procedures are easy enough to conceptually understand. But after 3 + years working with these guys I really never understood all the considerations of Breast Lift. A Breast Lift is a much more complicated decision process. How much breast material is there, how much sag, where are the nipples relative to the breast as a whole? I mean it’s crazy.

Anatomy of Breast Ptosis Image from Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Anatomy of Breast Ptosis Image from Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

So the point is, Dr. Parker and Aimee Ellingsen‘s team created this GREAT content. Perfectly explanatory works which help one understand not only what kind of intervention is needed depending on the condition of the breast, but what the options are and what the surgical process looks like.

Breast Lift Options Picture from Parker Center for Plastic Surgery New Jersey

Breast Lift Options Picture from Parker Center for Plastic Surgery New Jersey

And now, I get it! I, as a lay person, now fully understand the problem, the solution and, if I were a prospective patient, would be able to begin the process of understanding my need for plastic surgery.

As is often the case, content really is King. Dr. Parker intending to be informative and educate patients wound up creating great content, which is the foundation of great plastic surgery marketing.

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