Part Time Influencer on Balancing Work and School

February 27th, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni

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It’s no secret that college students are busy. There is an old diagram that portrays this pretty well. Students want good grades, a social life and a good night’s sleep, but only have the time to choose two of those.

These days, the pressure on students is higher than ever before. We have more than just grades and a social life to worry about. There are also jobs, extracurricular activities, housework, exercise, cooking, volunteer work, dating, hobbies, keeping in touch with family, and so much more that college students must handle.

I am a senior marketing major at Tulane, but I also work 25-30 hours a week at Search Influence, in addition to several other activities and an attempt to maintain a social life and enjoy some free time. This can be stressful and it certainly keeps me busy, but maintaining all of your commitments while in college is very feasible. I am one of three influencers who work part time while also attending school.

Keeping busy keeps me focused.

When I have too much free time it is easy to procrastinate and get sidetracked from my obligations. A heavy load of classes and work forces students to adopt good time management habits. With limited free time, I make sure I get my work done efficiently so that I have an opportunity to spend time with friends, enjoy hobbies, or catch up on sleep. Learning how to focus and allocate your time also increases productivity and makes enjoying yourself much easier.

Productive Procrastination

procrastination memeI’ll admit it, I procrastinate all the time. It is so easy to get off task in college. There is always some social event or movie on Netflix calling your name. When I have a major assignment due that I just can’t wrap my head around yet, I try to procrastinate in a productive manner. This may sound like an oxymoron, but it is totally possible. Rather than browsing social media or watching TV, focus on smaller homework assignments or clean your room. These less stressful tasks can help turn your lazy mood into a productive one. Once you start on something productive, it is easier to move on to other tasks. When you finish that stressful assignment you will have a clean room, too!

Got any other time management tips? Let us know in the comments!