NOLA: Something to Write Home About

July 6th, 2015 by Search Influence Alumni

I am not a New Orleans native. I don’t ask how your “momenem” are doing, and I didn’t grow up eating red beans and rice every Sunday. I’m a good ole-fashioned Midwestern girl. I love a good steak, a cold Bud Select, and Cardinals baseball.

I’ve been living in New Orleans for a year and a half now—a tech transplant working for Search Influence, a fast-paced online marketing company that’s given me a chance to not only experience this city, but also has given me an awesome tech career. And I love it down here in NOLA! The people are warm and welcoming, the food is delicious, and the city itself feels like home. I’ve had the privilege of showing off my new city to my mother, my in-laws, and multiple friends, but there’s still one visitor I have yet to host: my dad.

Who wouldn’t want this guy to visit?


My dad and my stepmom, Jennifer, lead active, busy lives. They each own and run businesses, and they are parents to my adorable eight-year-old brother Blake.

I mean seriously, does it get cuter than this?


Although they likely have their vacations booked through 2016, I’m determined to ensure New Orleans makes the list. To help my case, I recently sent my dad an email with two (in my very biased opinion) fantastic ideas.

In case you are in a similar boat and trying to convince a friend or family member to come visit you, here’s the email. Feel free to paraphrase or steal any part of it to get them to book a ticket.

Email Subject: Best. Ideas. Ever.

Idea #1: Dad & Jennifer Take On NOLA

Contrary to popular belief, there are TONS of fun things to do in New Orleans that don’t revolve around partying like a frat bro. Here’s a sample of some of the things we would all enjoy:

Idea #2: Dad & Charlie Best The Big Easy

Editor’s note: Charlie is my talented, hilarious, fun-loving 26-year-old brother who lives in Denver. And yes ladies, he’s single. And a dog lover to boot!


In line with popular belief, New Orleans is a freaking blast. Here’s a sample of some things we all might enjoy:

  • Swamp tour with a stop at the daiquiri shop beforehand
  • Mardi Gras World (open year ‘round!)
  • Skeet shooting
  • Deep sea fishing
  • The Sazerac Bar
  • Piano bar at Pat O’Briens
  • Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, the oldest bar in New Orleans
  • Live music on Frenchmen Street
  • Spend an evening on a Bourbon Street balcony with a bunch of beads (fun fact: this happens outside of Mardi Gras with similar results)

After sending the email, I received a pretty standard dad response: he’ll think about it. While I continue to hold my breath to see which of these trips will happen, hopefully you will find this to be a helpful guide to convince your own sought-after visitor to sample life in New Orleans.