New Orleans Chiropractor Found Online – From Baghdad

December 25th, 2006 by Will Scott

Our client Dr. Gordon Dubois let me know about a call he got last week which just makes me happy.

Dr. Dubois, owner of New Orleans Chiropractic got a call last week from a young service man who is on his way home.

The call was from Baghdad!

No, this is not common. But guess what: Dr. Dubois got the call because he’s number one in Google, Yahoo and MSN for a number of New Orleans Chiropractor related searches.

I’ll post more on this once I have more details, but here’s the thing… Dr. Dubois has only gotten a little more than our basic service package. In addition to our standard package, we have done a little advanced linking by way of a larger directory submission and a high-quality article submission, but he’s #1.

Dr. Dubois used to run the Chalmette Chiropractic Clinic. Chalmette is still deep in the recovery from Hurricane Katrina and he’s rebuilding his practice in a more viable part of town. To that end, we built him a basic site, did a little promotion and he’s now number 1.

Aside from helping a service person coming back from Iraq to care for his spine, we’ve really helped Dr. Dubois and his New Orleans Chiropractic clinic begin its process of recovery.

I could not be prouder.