For A Good Time Call…Why the Bathroom is the Perfect Place for Internet Marketers

June 29th, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

Recently I tweeted a statistic from Google that 39% of searchers use their mobile devices while going to the bathroom. While it served the intended purpose of getting people to @ me (I’m incredibly thirsty for Internet attention), I didn’t think about what this statement really meant for SEO. Several days later a friend of mine posted the following on Facebook wall:


As comical as it is my friend’s post forced me to think about the legitimacy of Google’s mobile user stat, how many times have you sat down on the can and immediately reached for the phone in your pocket? There you are in complete solitude with your device. Just checking /b/, posting trivial Facebook statuses, or finding the address for local adult entertainment –- completely engrossed in the Internet.


The isolation of the bathroom becomes the perfect environment for search marketers. While users are going, they are also staying focused on search engines or social media. Internet marketers can use this opportunity to make them brand-aware through mobile ads on Google* or promote their newest special offer on Facebook and Twitter.

While I originally took this Google “fact” as something funny to tweet, it shows how much potential there is with mobile search. Users are more attentive on what is being presented to them when they are in the bathroom. With the right content and call-to-action, you can easily convert these users into leads or at the very least have them remember your name.

*I purposely didn’t mention Bing because NO ONE does mobile searches on Bing.
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