Local Search Summit at SES Chicago

December 6th, 2009 by Will Scott

I’ll be making a very quick trip to Chicago on Monday to do a couple presentations at the Local Search Summit.

I’ll be solo presenting with Steve Espinosa moderating on uses of Social Media for local search.

And, I’ll be jointly presenting with Steve on Mobile applications and their importance for local search.

Sadly I won’t have any time to spend with Mat Siltala who will be there Monday, but is leaving Tuesday AM. Perhaps a little dessert!

And, if I had a personal jet I’d definitely go to the Kelsey Show in LA to hang out with David Mihm and Andrew Shotland. If anybody at NetJets would like to trade a couple rides for a completely unbiased review of the service I’d totally change my mind about Kelsey (ok, it might be a lttle biased).

While we’re on the subject even if NetJets doesn’t come through I’d be happy to Yelp about a Chicago Limousine Service if I could get a ride y’know (might be worth a review on Yahoo! CitySearch & Google too).