Influencers Take Part in Super Saturday at City Park

August 14th, 2019 by Katelyn Mulkey

Influencers emily borne and jenna mire holding up gardening tools while volunteering

On July 6th, a group of Influencers took part in City Park’s Super Saturday. This is a community volunteer event that’s typically held on the first Saturday of the month. With the guidance of the volunteer coordinator, we ventured into the Couturie Forest to help re-mulch and clear a trail that had been blocked by a fallen tree.

Building a Stronger Park

We arrived at the volunteer center on Harrison Boulevard promptly at 9 a.m. Equipped with pitchforks and wheelbarrows, we got to work re-mulching one of the many trails in the Couturie Forest. The mulch used in the forest is actually made in the park. They recycle and break down broken tree limbs, utilizing any natural resources they can. Tyler, City Park’s volunteer coordinator efficiently organized the team into three groups that shoveled mulch, wheeled it to the trail, and dumped it. This was no easy feat, as this particular Saturday was close to breaking a historic temperature mark, tying the 1998 record of 99 degrees. All things considered, our team powered through and made a lot of headway on the trail in the three hours we volunteered.

Our Partnership with City Park

Approximately twice the size of Manhattan’s Central Park, City Park offers New Orleanians 1,300 acres of diverse greenery, recreational facilities, and outdoor fun. Historically, it has been maintained through self-generated funds and a small level of funding from the State.

Earlier this year, we contributed to the success of the Support Parks and Recreation millage vote by running various digital advertising campaigns to spread awareness and building a temporary website that housed all of the information about the impact of the vote. Citizens of New Orleans voted on May 4, 2019, to decide if existing tax money should be reallocated fairly amongst all of the prominent parks and recreations organizations in the New Orleans (City Park, NORDC, Parks and Parkway, and Audubon). The vote was a success! For the first time in their 165-year history, City Park will receive city funding. Beginning in 2021, these parks and organizations will receive close to 2 million dollars annually that will contribute to infrastructure investment, security upgrades, forest management, stormwater management, and much more.

Influencers working Super Saturday at City Park in New Orleans, LA

In the coming months, we will also be helping to spread awareness about the Storyland Revitalization project. This new project will enhance existing attractions and also debut several new exhibits. Visit City Park’s website for more information about the revitalization of Storyland, which will reopen in Fall 2019.

Our team was grateful for the opportunity to volunteer and give back to our city, and our client. Super Saturday is open to anyone who wants to volunteer and is of high school-aged or older. The events take place on the first Saturday of every month, with some exceptions. It’s a great way to meet people from all walks of life who share a common interest in the revitalization of the Park. Check out City Park’s Twitter, Facebook, or online calendar to confirm the date of this monthly volunteer event. Our team will be back at Super Saturday sometime soon.

Search Influence is proud to help support local organizations and parks. To keep tabs on our team, follow us on Instagram.