Influencer Profile: Steve Maloney

July 6th, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

Steve showing off just one example of the fine millinery that graces the SI Funny Hats Box.

We’re back with another Influencer Profile! This week’s honoree is Production and Content Manager Steve Maloney, he of impeccable taste in headgear and nut-based snack food. While most people think of newspapers as what happens when you print out NPR, Smaloney (as he’s known around the SI offices) used to write them. Steve comes from the world of print journalism, having been a newspaper reporter before transitioning over into the world of keyword-rich, search engine friendly, online content. With experience running blogs, writing blogs, wrangling writers, and making a living as a writer himself, Steve brings a wide range of experience to Search Influence.

So what do you find yourself doing around here?

A little bit of everything. I assign out hundreds of articles to our writers every month, make sure they are completed correctly and on time, make sure the production crew is running like the well-oiled machine that it is, and put out any fires I may come across every day. I also train new people and keep the bowl of mixed nuts on my desk at least halfway full most of the time.

Is there anything that particularly excites you about coming to work every day?

My chair is really comfortable, and I always enjoy it when my “snakes in a can” trick fools some unsuspecting sap.

What do you think your most awesome contributions have been so far?

Snakes in a can. Oh, and I introduced Leigh to the wonderful world of Care Bears this morning.

Seriously. Just... don't.

Anything you’d like to do more of? In the ideal world, what would you be doing all day?

Mostly cruising around Bayou St. John in a kayak. But since I don’t own a kayak or live particularly close to Bayou St. John anymore, I guess my ideal day would involve a swimming pool and a good book.

How do you handle staying on top of and motivating your colleagues and us titans of production?

The Titans of Production is not only the name of an underground 80’s hair metal band [citation needed], but the nomenclature also fittingly describes the production team here at Search Influence. Reining in this team requires a delicate balance of sight gags, cat-like reflexes, snacks, comic books, early 90’s soft rock, and comfortable shoes.

How does SI compare to the more writing-intensive work that you’re experienced with? Do you think an element of creativity comes through?

Much of the finesse and control I once enjoyed over English wordings gone… now… but I really like setting the deadlines instead of being petrified of them as I was back when I was a newspaper reporter. I do miss the fedora with my press pass in the headband, though. I’m always writing, even if most of it doesn’t make it to paper. It’s a reflex action, much like breathing.

Thanks for all that you do herding the metaphorical cats in the production room, Steve. Keep an eye out for this one’s inaugural blog post — it’s sure to be a good read!