Influencer Profile: Olin Gallet

June 22nd, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

After a long hiatus, we’re pleased to announce that our Influencer Profile series is back! Every other week we’ll be highlighting one of our talented teammates, and this week’s employee is one of our resident junior developers Olin Gallet.

Olin enjoying his hard-won SI Word of the Day Champion Pimp Cup!

Olin started on our production team just a few months ago, assisting Luke Ledet and Jason Hamilton with the technical end of what Search Influence does. He’s a recent graduate of the University of New Orleans’ Computer Science program with a minor in English — which obviously means that you’ll be seeing more of his excellent blogging skills on display in the near future.

As one of our resident early birds, you can usually find Olin tapping away at PHP code at absurd hours of the morning. On the off-days he spends his time discovering new music, writing, playing Street Fighter, programming and having adventures around New Orleans. Just don’t call him “bro”… And without further ado, the man himself!

A note from Olin – since I’ve actually got a minor in English focused on poetry writing, I’d like to show you some of my lyrical skills. I’m not letting Julia have all the fun around here.

So what do you find yourself doing on a day-to-day basis around here?

Turn on computer

Type words look at peers code works

Turn off computer

There really is no set guideline as to what I do day-to-day. I just fix problems people have and make sure the solution works.

Is there anything that excites you about coming to work every day?

No amount of money or bountiful women with plastic surgery can keep me coming to work. What keeps me coming to work is the people here. I’m not naming names for the sake of favoritism, but there are some characters at work that make the day go by better.

Most importantly, people know how to leave me alone when I have stuff to do. They also know how to help me or at least entertain my questions when I have them. When I can get my job done and help other people do the same, then I know I had a good day at work.

What are your biggest contributions?

I’d say my biggest contribution so far has been designing various forms for various websites. Being able to see the work I do makes it huge for me. They’re also important for ensuring that customers have an easily accessible way to communicate their needs and concerns to the client.

Anything you’d like to do more of at SI? In a perfect world, what would you be sitting around all day doing?

I want to do something more creative. For one, I want to get involved in more marketing. I realize that many of the tasks such as keyword research and article writing are repetitive and time-consuming. I want to create ways to minimize the work in these tasks.

I also want to get involved into graphic design at work. I used to be big into just sketching around when I got a drawing tablet for my laptop, but I haven’t had much time for design recently. I want to get back into it.


Hey, this is my question for you. What do you want to know about me? The only stupid questions are those that are left unasked. Feel free to either drop it in the comments, email me at, or pass me a note at work (just make sure Luke isn’t looking).

Thanks for all your hard work, Olin! We have a really talented and interesting team here at SI, and we’re proud to show off each and every one of them. Keep your eyes on this space for more profiles of our Influencers!