Influencer Profile: Alison Ruth

November 23rd, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

A member of our Account Management team, Alison Ruth is a New Orleans native and always proud to swim home.  She graduated from Louisiana State University in Mass Communication and Advertising. Alison held positions in several industries from advertising agencies to non-profits to hospitality, but especially loves working in advertising and marketing. She considers herself a New Orleans food enthusiast and knows how to bake a pretty mean King Cake.

So what do you find yourself doing around here? Any particular favorite aspects of the job?

Most days I’m fighting to cross off every line on my To Do list (it’s a pretty great feeling when I actually do!). My number one priority is always keeping our clients’ SEO services on schedule and making sure their sites are reaching new heights on Google. I sometimes have to spend my days staring at spreadsheets for hours and trying to keep from going cross-eyed. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s go to do it!  Some of my favorite aspects include seeing the progression of a client’s rankings when we’ve put in the work for them, and being able to show them how valuable Internet marketing really is! Oh, and I also love the office on Fridays at approximately 5:00pm, thanks to fellow Influencer Joe Luft.

Have you done any Internet or marketing work before working at SI? How’s the transition been so far?

My education background is in advertising, and I’m a twenty-something who grew up with computers, so that should tell you something about my experience with the Interwebz. I’ve worked at small ad agencies and even a non-profit where I was the communcations manager and developed their social media presence quite a bit, so I like to think I know a thing or two about Internet marketing. SEO is definitely new-ish to me, but so far the transition has been pretty smooth.  I’m learning a lot about SEO and the people here are pretty cool!

Working at SI is pretty dang fun, but be honest — what would you be doing all day if left to your own devices?

When I think about an entire day with no responsibilities, a few things that come to mind (not necessarily in this order):
1. Sleeping late
2. Hanging out with my dog, Lila
3. Facebooking
4. Baking sweet delicacies
5. Eating said sweet delicacies
6. Exploring NOLA (yes, there are things about NOLA that even us natives are still discovering)
7. Watching silly YouTube videos
8. Tweeting about said YouTube videos
9. Traveling the world
10. Enjoying the company of family and friends
11. Laughing

Last, but certainly not least — if you were a traditional NOLA landmark, what NOLA landmark would you be?

Maybe a lesser-known “landmark” but definitely a NOLA staple, I’d be Hansen’s Sno-Bliz on Tchoupitoulas Street, the creators of the first shaved ice machine. It may be November, but I’m a self-proclaimed snoball connoisseur and lover of all things sweet and syrupy year-round.  I’d probably devour a snoball in the middle of a snow storm (if we ever had one of those here), given the chance.
Try one of my all-time favorites from your local snoball stand and it just might change your life:
The classic: chocolate snoball stuffed (not topped) with vanilla soft-serve
NOLA favorite: pralines and cream snoball topped with condensed milk