How to Win Leads and Influence Potential Customers with LeadSNDR

February 23rd, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni


Depending on your business, lead generation can be one of the most, if not the most, important performance indicator for your marketing efforts. Regardless of the medium (online, billboards, radio, etc.), a critical part of lead generation is asking yourself: How do you want to receive leads?

At Search Influence, our CEO has a saying: “Do you want your door to swing, your email to ding, or your phone to ring?” Choosing the method of lead generation that works best for your business is the first step towards gaining qualified leads.

Between the three, tracking the success of lead generation through emails and calls is typically more reliable than foot traffic. Unless you ask each customer who walks in the door how they heard about you, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to gather measurable results over time. In our experience, we’ve found the greatest success generating and tracking leads by using forms and call tracking through our in-house system, LeadSNDR.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation marks the conversion of a website browser to a potential customer. By filling out a form or calling you for more information, the person is signifying to you that they are interested in your business and they’re ready to hear what you have to say.

The methods utilized by LeadSNDR make it easy for that casual website browser to reach out to you, regardless of where they are on your website, so they can convert to a potential customer.

We use both forms and call tracking to ensure you’re offering site visitors their preferred method of communication to reach out to you. There’s nothing more frustrating than searching a site for an email or phone number when you have a question. It’s more likely that you’ll give up and go to a competitor’s site than spend time searching the site you’re on.

With LeadSNDR, there is a mini form on each page that asks the minimum basic information required to get back in contact with your potential customer. By putting a form on each page, the site visitor doesn’t have to leave the page they’re on to get in contact with you, which provides a good user experience.

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We also put a larger form on the contact page with additional fields, in case the visitor wants to send more information, so you’ll be prepared to discuss their specific question when you contact them.

It’s also important to make it easy for a potential customer to call you. We recommend putting your phone number big and bold in the header of your website so it’s easily visible regardless of which page you’re on, which also provides a good user experience.

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Lead Tracking

You know that you want your email to ding and your phone to ring, you’re ready to put your number in the header of your site and forms on every page, but what do you want to know from your potential customers? You’ll likely want the basics like their name and how to get ahold of them, but what about the actual information you’re asking?

The LeadSNDR form system is designed to suit the specific needs of your business with the ability to completely customize your form. You can specify everything from the colors and button text to the questions you’re asking your potential customers.

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Another key factor of the forms is the ability to gather information that is not asked of the customer but still valuable to tracking your leads. By integrating LeadSNDR with Google Analytics, you can see which search engine was used, if the user clicked on a paid ad or organic results, what page the user landed on, and even the IP address. This information allows you to examine trends and make informed decisions about improvements to your website to create more lead generation through form fills.

For call tracking, it’s not only important to make it easy for a potential customer to call you, but also to know how they got to your site. LeadSNDR allows you to set up specific call tracking for numerous sources, which means that phone calls are catalogued by how a visitor arrived on your site. With call tracking, you can differentiate the amount of calls received from a Facebook post from calls received by Google organic search.

The reporting system used in conjunction with LeadSNDR also gives you the data on the amount of calls you receive each month, their duration, the average number of rings before answered, and more. You’re also given the option to record calls to conduct quality assurance testing.

Using LeadSNDR for Your Business

By combining lead generation with tracking, you will be able to drive quality leads to communicate directly with your business and measure trends to set you up for future successes. LeadSNDR provides your business with the tools it needs measure the performance of your marketing efforts and convert site visitors to customers.

For more information about LeadSNDR and how to increase your business’s leads, please contact us today.