#Everything You Need To Know About #Hashtags

November 1st, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni

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A Way of Life Now

When you plan a bachelorette party, wedding, or big birthday bash, you typically ask yourself, “What’s my hashtag going to be?” Choosing the right emoji is just about as important as choosing a killer hashtag for your social media post. Emojis are a form of hashtag, too, called hashflag. The invention of the hashflag is something that I cannot wait to use in addition to awesome hashtags, but creating personal ones isn’t available yet. I absolutely love a good hashtag and creating them is sometimes just as fun as the event itself!

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There are some ground rules when creating a hashtag that should be adhered to for maximum success. We have laid out a road map for you of best practices when creating your hashtags.

#Hashtag: Quick Notes Before You Start Creating

The general purpose of a hashtag is to combine like categories on a social media platform. They are typically clickable links that will show you what others have posted with the same tag. It is an instant way to see what’s going on in reference to the topic of the hashtag.

Since hashtags have migrated from their origin on Twitter to almost all social platforms, it’s not a surprise that they can help out your business’s social presence in a big way. Hashtags can promote campaigns that you are running at your office, get people excited about an upcoming sale that your retail store may be having, or even create buzz around a new procedure you are offering at your clinic.

Creating the Perfect Hashtag

Think of your focus for the hashtag along with some keywords you’d like to include. The keywords should be relevant to what you want to promote as well as the purpose of the hashtag. You want to make sure that you are using a phrase that doesn’t require punctuation or spaces to make sense to the reader as neither of those is allowed. Placing a space or any punctuation after your (#) will result in the hashtag ending whenever those are placed. For instance – #SI’sTBC2016 will stop at the apostrophe and the hashtag will only be ‘SI’.

Make them short and sweet! After you have focused in on the relevant keywords you want to promote, go ahead and choose as few words as possible. The user experience gets lost on a long hashtag like #livelifelikealbuspercivalwulfricbriandumbledore.

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Using the Perfect Hashtag

Boosting your social presence by using a hashtag is beneficial for your business’s marketing strategy. Once you have crafted your #totallyawesome hashtag, you will want to make sure to promote it! Come up with a few phrases that are all appropriate length for your social platforms (the character and word count differ between platforms), and get it out there. Make sure that you are not using more than two hashtags in a post. The user experience is muddled when more than two are used in one post.


Let’s Celebrate the Perfect Hashtag

Now that your hashtag is out there and everyone is using it for their photos and online posts, let’s track it! There are plenty of affordable applications online that you can use to track the progress of your hashtag. This is going to give you vital information into when your hashtag was used most, platforms that it was used on, and other key marketing metrics so you can adjust accordingly for your next big hashtag!