De-stress and Prioritize: How to Keep Your Day-To-Day Organized

August 18th, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni


Everyone manages their time differently. With client meetings, calls, internal meetings, and day-to-day tasks, it sometimes gets hard to manage and prioritize what needs to get done.

Since I’ve started working here in January, I have perfected my system of de-stressing and prioritizing my work so I can always be the efficient.

I don’t know about you, but I work best off of lists. The to-do list that I use each day keeps me organized with internal to-dos, client to-dos, as well as follow ups that need to happen. From this one list, I keep my day-to-day organized!


Step 1: Check Emails & Do Your Follow Ups

The very first step of my day consists of checking all emails and replying as needed. Once you’re done with an email, file it away to keep your inbox organized. Also, doing your follow-ups at the same time is helpful because you can get everything out of the way at one time. My follow-up to-do list (see above) is where I go to see what clients I need to follow up on and what the follow up is regarding.

Step 2: Check Your List & Prioritize

Check your to-do lists (client and internal) to figure out what needs to get done that day. Give yourself due dates based on the priority of the project, even if the project doesn’t necessarily have a real due date. I highlight each project or follow up that needs to get done that day so it is easy for me to see.

Step 3: Start On A Project

Now you can actually start on a project! Pick the project that needs to get completed first based on the due dates you gave yourself. Although I like to finish projects before starting on another one, that is not always possible. Do as much as you can before you have to move on. If you must, set a time limit on each project to ensure you can get everything done that is needed.

Step 4: Don’t Get Caught Up In Your Emails

It can be tough seeing your inbox fill up while working on other important things that need to get done. However, don’t get caught up in your emails! Reply back to things that need immediate attention, but continue working on your priority project before starting another round of email replies. Once you’re done with what you are doing, then you can go back to your email if needed.

Step 5: Re-Date Projects

If you aren’t done with everything that you assigned for yourself to do that day, redate for the next day and start all over again!

Of course everyone has their own ways of staying organized, but this system has helped me, and I hope it helps you too!