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David Fransen

David is in his second stint with Search Influence, having joined the company as an IMA in 2012 and moving into Development, where he worked on all varieties of clients and projects for nearly 5 years, eventually making a move to start building out full websites elsewhere in 2017. After soaking up a lot of knowledge and experience over nearly 2 years in this role building websites, he realized his best skills and general energy was far better suited to Search Influence, and he was fortunate to be welcomed back home. He is a native of Kenner, but has lived in Uptown New Orleans for the last 5+ years. Naturally, David studied English - and nothing even remotely related to Web Development - at Trinity University in San Antonio. He is a hopeless music nerd, having played in bands and DJ'd throughout his roaring 20's and beyond, and he spent 7 strange, exciting years in Brooklyn chasing ill advised rock n' roll dreams before moving back to the New Orleans area and deciding to grow up. He is a borderline psychotic NBA fan who takes any opportunity to be smug and pompous about the extended success of his beloved San Antonio Spurs.