Another SEO that sucks

August 5th, 2008 by Will Scott

I got this email from a friend and web designer. It’s no wonder SEO sometimes gets a bad name. I do wish my conscience would allow me to include the redacted points but you get the point.

Subject: Another SEO that sucks

They claim to rank #4 for XXXXXXXX on their web site…

They are XXXXXXXX’s SEO (remember he is an Olesen friend/LJCSC competitor).

Dr. XXXXXXXX isn’t ranking well is he?

They copied XXXXXXXX’s home page text into an e-mail to Dr. XXXXXXXX’s
office and said they/I should add keywords per that example! Umm,
isn’t that their job? And if it were our job, isn’t it weird to write
official company mail suggesting we copy a competitor?