5 of the Best Long-Term Graphic Design Trends

October 24th, 2013 by Michelle Neuhoff Boyd

The key to being trendy when it comes to graphic design is finding a trend that will last. When you’re looking to create a design, be sure to choose your trend wisely and pick one that is going to last for the long-term. Here are 5 of the best long-term graphic design trends.


 #5: Artisan Craft Inspiration

While people gravitate towards simplicity, many also appreciate the art of handcrafted work and the value of the classics. For example, when creating a logo for a restaurant or bakery, try communicating some of the tradition behind the handcrafted nature of this business with a design inspired by an old-fashioned sign.

#4: Patterns

Looking for a way to keep your design clean but not too simple? Consider using a pattern within your design.  You can use a classic that already exists or you can create your own!

#3: Hand-drawn Typography

While some typefaces will remain timeless and beautiful, creating your own type might be the best way to make your design unique. You can hand-draw an already existing typeface or you can make your own. Either way, the imperfections of hand-drawn typography make it beautiful.


#2: Silhouettes

While people’s fashion trends may change, their silhouettes, relatively speaking, will not. Using silhouettes for people, animals, or objects is usually a safe choice. Vectors keep the design clean, simple, and trendy.

And the #1 Long-Term Graphic Design Trend:

Simplicity. Keep the focus on the message and don’t overwork or overdevelop your design. White space or negative space is a good thing.