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April 6th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

5 for friday12 Most Valuable Personality Traits of Top SEO Consultants — 12 Most

This article is an oldie, but a goodie on the 12 best qualifications for a top SEO consultant. Sure you are driven, intelligent and articulate, but if you do not feel that you combine your technical, artistic, and analytical sides, perhaps it is time for a refresher course.

Google Glasses: Don’t Plan on Buying Them for Christmas – Washington Post

Google-Vision: Like Wonka Vision, but with more SIRI and less mini Mike TeeVee.  Google’s Project Glass has revealed its Google Glasses this week as co-founder Sergey Brin donned these enhanced spectacles while out to dinner. Don’t get too excited though. These glasses will not be available to consumers for months or even years. To get an idea what these snazzy shades are capable of, check out this photo gallery.

Google Sending Warnings About “Artificial” or “Unnatural” Links — Search Engine Land 

If you’ve received a warning about “artificial” or “unnatural” links pointing at your site, you’d probably like to know that Google has recently taken a new stance on link networks. While previously, these link networks were “silently distrusted,” now Google has decided to report such potentially black hat link issues.

Show Keyword Position Using Filters and Advanced Segments  – SEOMoz

Here at Search Influence, it is time to send out reports again, so what could be more pertinent to our reporting endeavors than a strategy to provide useful, easily-understood information to clients. Through this easy-to-follow 2-Step process, you can provide your clients with a graph showing the position of your searched keywords as a percentage of total visits. This new reporting process could help you explain exactly what it is that you do.

Google AdWords Adds ZIP Code Targeting, Location Insertion; Updates Location Targeting – Search Engine Watch

You’ve probably noticed search results are adapting more and more to location targeting, but Google has just announced new ZIP Code targeting in AdWords as well.  This will allow advertisers to hone in on up to 100 specific regions. Another new feature includes Dynamic Location Insertion. It’s DKI for cities!