5 For Friday – Links, Stories, & Posts For Your Weekend

August 24th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

I’ve actually been working at Search Influence for almost 3 years now and in that time I have never done a Five for Friday. Supposedly they should be about search engine optimization “news stories, blogs and recommendations from across the web!” So I recalled anything I read this week that had even the vaguest connection to innertube marquetry and came up with what I am calling… 

• Dogshaming Goes Social – Huffington Post

Finally someone has decided to make berating your dog into an enjoyable and public sport. Gone are the days of being upset over pilfered panties and tussled trash. Now we can regale the world with the bad habits of our best friends as we make witty captions and snap photos for strangers on Tumblr. I personally can’t wait until we start doing this with old people and toddlers – that is going to be SO FUNNY!


Do you like Dinobots? Do you like content marketing strategies? Then this is the article for you! In an undeniably hilarious look at the content marketing, FAKEGRIMLOCK points how “Me Grimlock no bozo! Me CONTENT KING!” and other insightful Transformer tidbits.

• Don’t Leave Your Child Alone with the Hamburglar – NY Times

Hey parents! McDonald’s is collecting your child’s email to advertise McGangbangs (LOOK IT UP) to them! That’s not completely true, but according to NY Times, some stay-at-home moms are pissed that some kid-friendly websites are encouraging pre-teens to give up their email addresses in-exchange for terrible Flash games. This breaks some act that no one without children really cares about, but my real question is where was these kids’ mammies at in the first place? Also, WHY do these children have email addresses?!

• My Whole Entire (Google+) Circle is Dangerous – SEOMoz

Turns out not only can Yelp reviewers ruin your dreams of financial success, the five people on Google+ can as well. In this (admittedly “ridiculous”) article, we learn how Google+ users can wreak havoc on your former Google Local reviews. This knowledge is “Most Helpful” indeed.

• Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Landing Pages – SEM Booty Blog

We were all taught as young SEOs that if you want to convert traffic, you create a focused landing page. It turns out having a website with good user experience, regardless of entrance source, can do the same thing. Who knew? The point you should take from this article is using a random SES San Fran attendee’s tweet gives every thing you blog about +∞ validity.

And so you have the first (and possibly last) Fantastic Five for Friday! Now get outta here, you’re bothering me.