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August 12th, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

Reputation And The “Right To Be Forgotten”: Spain’s Radical Approach To Search And Personal Privacy — Search Engine Land

In an era where privacy norms seem to be eroding every day with the advent of up-to-the-minute social media, Spain is taking an interesting tack with regard to the “right to be forgotten.” A Spanish court is asking Google to eliminate information from about 90 private users from its index. While El Goog is fighting the petition, the case raises some interesting questions: on one hand 75% of Europeans polled wanted the right to delete personal information at any time, this movement would potentially allow private users the power to pull down information displayed on third-party sites such as news sources and Wikipedia. What do you think?

5 Low-Budget Ways to Distribute Your Blog Content — WordStream

Do you have a well-optimized blog with great content, but are having some trouble pulling in eyeballs? WordStream’s Elisa Gabbert shares five handy ways to spread awareness of your work, from savvy utilization of social media to tactics as simple as a well-crafted email signature.

Interview with Robert Sheinbein About Creating Quality Content — Graywolf’s SEO

Content provider and all-around creative Internet mogul Robert Sheinbein talks in-depth about the importance of crafting dynamic, interesting content for your website, communicating instructions to writers with regard to tone, style and end goals and a solid floorboards-up keyword plan.

4 Tips For Success With Seasonal, Local SEO — Search Engine Land

It’s back-to-school time, and if you’re a savvy backpack or school supply retailer you’ll have gotten your optimization ducks in a row ahead of time to capitalize on the incoming demand. Whether you’re in the business of firecrackers, Christmas trees or haunted houses, this article is an excellent resource on ways to plan ahead to get the most out of your business’s seasonality.

Optimizing social in support of search marketing — B to B Online

Mike Jarvinen, VP Marketing Strategy at the Search Agency, gives some pointers on “strong social media outreach” and its importance to organic and paid search. When performed correctly, a strong social media platform can help build trust in a brand. Among his tips: prominently-displayed authoritative content such as studies and lists of associations are a big boon to a brand’s impact.