5 For Friday — Links, Stories & Posts For Your Weekend

September 23rd, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

Mr. Spock’s guide to out-of-this-world SEO copywriting — SucessWorks

Attention, Starfleet: the indubitable wisdom of Mr. Spock rings true even in the contemporary world of SEO. Join SuccessWorks’ director and lifelong Trekkie Heather Lloyd-Martin as she discusses some of her favorite Spock quotes and how everyone’s favorite half-Vulcan has wisdom to be applied to even the thorniest of search engine dilemmas.

Miss The Live Q&A With Google’s Matt Cutts? Here It Is. — Search Engine Roundtable

Matt Cutts, senior Google Search Quality expert and all-around SEO dominatrix, took a few minutes before the anti-trust hearing on Wednesday to answer live-tweeted questions from users all over the world. In case you weren’t there for the live stream, SER has you covered with a hard copy of the Q&A session that includes a brief rundown of Cutts’ recent movements and several timely questions about webmaster concerns and the state of the SEO world. Sign of Google’s openness with its users or last-minute PR stunt — what do you think?

Mining YouTube for Keyword Research — SEOChat

While it’s not the first place many of us think to look when it comes to keyword research, YouTube is a veritable bonanza of information to the savvy marketer. While many SEO professionals prefer to work within a specific subfield and pride themselves on their personal knowledge, countless others are faced with the problem of exploring new territories without the help of SEO-minded experts in the area. However, as titles, tags and text belonging to videos are by their nature relevant keywords, YouTube can be an excellent resource for filling in the gaps left behind by Google’s provided tools.

Social Media is Sucking the Life Out of My Business! — Search Engine Guide

Are you a small business owner who wants to break into social media, but are concerned with the time and resource investment it takes to run a campaign? Search Engine Guide’s Stoney deGeyter takes a look at the most common complaints from overwhelmed would-be media butterflies and addresses them with aplomb to help you get the most from your online efforts instead of pouring away the hours into them.

Political Advertisements Invade Twitter: A Vote for Revenue — Search Engine Journal

Twitter, that longtime proponent of egalitarian media sharing, has thrown its hat into the ring of political venue by opening up “promoted tweets” to political campaigners. These items will be distinguished via color coding and “sponsored by” markers that appear via hover box, appearing in the “top tweets” section of the site.