5 For Friday — Links, Stories & Posts For Your Weekend

September 16th, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

The SoLoMo Landscape — Outspoken Media

Are you one of the lucky search marketing professionals who’s experiencing SMX East in the Big Apple? For those of us following along at home, Outspoken Media’s Lisa Barone provides a thorough and thought-provoking overview of the topics discussed at SMX’s latest SoLoMO (social media, local and mobile search) panel with Gib Olander, Gregg Stewart and 15 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Initiative — Techipedia

Although LinkedIn doesn’t have the sheer weight of user numbers as its more socially-focused brethren like Facebook, its usability in the business world makes it an ideal source for adding contacts, keeping up with the latest industry news and exploring new business opportunities. If you’re interested in leveraging all that you can out of your presence in the online business world, these 15 handy tips should get you well on your way to sparkling content and increased interaction with colleagues and contacts.

Google Places: Now Permanently Closed with 2 clicks — Blumenthals

In another head-scratching move from the Google Places team, it’s now apparently even easier to get a business listed as closed without owner confirmation. With one experimental click, Mike Blumenthal saw his business listed “permanently closed” with twelve hours and received no notification of any sort. While Google has promised a fix “in coming days,” this experience is troubling for many business owners and we’ll be keeping an eye on the developing story.

Google Launches First Google+ APIs — Mashable

The first application programming interfaces for Google+ have at long last been unleashed, to the exultations of hoards of enthusiastic developers. While the APIs themselves are fairly bare-bones — limited to public data, with the ability to query a single person or activity on the network — developers have expressed great enthusiasm, with the majority surveyed expressing the opinion that G+ has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with Facebook.

Why Zagat might be a smarter purchase for Google than Yelp — Search Engine Guide

As we noted last week, Google’s acquisition of restaurant review giant Zagat is bound to make some waves as they hone in on Yelp’s local review market. Search Engine Guide’s Mike Moran presents this nuanced argument as to why this is a smart move for Google — perhaps even more savvy than their previous plan.