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September 14th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

I’ll admit it: working in Internet marketing at times feels akin to how popular media has convinced me life in the Wild West was. Here, we navigate a largely unexplored frontier filled with vaguely known dangers, striving for the prospect of lucrative gain. Though there are a considerable amount fewer literal snakes and deaths by dysentery to deal with in SEO or online marketing, the analogy still kind of works.

At Search Influence, we pride ourselves in clean, “White Hat” tactics to achieve our results, but not everyone is so scrupulous. Goodsell offers a few great ideas for dealing with malicious attacks against your site’s authority.

• US Desktop Search Volume Declines — Blind Five Year Old

AJ Kohn presents a compelling argument for developers and companies to place focus on developing mobile-accessible content. The chart provided, tied with Kohn’s commentary, gives evidence for the seemingly inevitable rise to prominence of mobile access. Personally, I’m skeptical about this drop in desktop search continuing, but I am wholly supportive of the idea of accessibility to not alienate potential clients visiting from a phone.

• Will It Ever Be Acceptable to “Bing It”? — Marketing Pilgrim

It’s no new topic, but many of us are guilty of using “google” as a verb, and mostly, per Google’s wishes, actually use the term accurately. However, could you, with a straight face and a firm conviction, ask someone to “Bing that for me”? Any time I’ve been served that statement, it’s come paired with a heaping bowl of irony, but who knows? Maybe the Hawaii Five-0 reboot has what it takes to topple Google’s dominance in the American mind, but a little bird just flew up and told me a secret: “NO. IT CAN’T. THE GUY FROM LOST WILL, AT BEST, EXERT MINIMAL INFLUENCE OVER YOUR SEARCH HABITS.”

• GoDaddy Outage: Anonymous Attack Or IT Failure? — Information Week

For once, I’ll give Garfield credit: this Monday was a dang mess. A number of our clients were affected by the GoDaddy outage on Monday, which proved to be stressful for all parties involved. The groans from our department were echoed out all over the Internet, and one guy claimed responsibility for the attack, but really, even I could’ve claimed responsibility. Here, Schwartz expresses a similar degree of skepticism as I hold for this supposed attack on GoDaddy.

• ‘Social Voting’ Really Does Rock the Vote — ScienceNOW

Sources say that the use of social media has compelled users to vote in political elections, armed with the knowledge that their acquaintances have also voted. While we’ve seen online marketing campaigns for mobilization of voters over the years, the use of this “social voting” here shows a marked increase in voter participation, and leads to thoughts of what forms of social media will pop up over the next two months before the presidential election.