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July 15th, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Shopping Will Be B in 2015 — All Facebook

In light of our recent focus on Facebook integration, this is an interesting infographic — social commerce is a booming field, and it’s predicted that Facebook shopping alone will generate over $30 billion in 2015. Take a look to find the numbers on customer behavior, graphs of predicted growth and a timeline of the movement.

Social gems: More new tools for social marketing — B to B

Interested in expanding your social marketing horizons beyond the dynamic duo of Facebook and Twitter? B to B has a handy list of tools and applications to fill any marketing campaign niche you can imagine.

25 Great Facebook Page Content Ideas — OneForty.com

While there are alternatives available (see above), Facebook is still the dominant way to interface with your online customers and create a community around your brand. However, simply maintaining a page isn’t enough — here are some tips to create a dynamic, active profile that’s bursting with fresh content to engage your audience.

Google+ as a Business Tool — Pronet Advertising

It’s no surprise that businesses are already horning in on Google+ profiles in order to market to a whole new audience. It appears to be working so far, but Google has indicated that this still-in-beta feature is intended expressly for personal users, with a business-optimized Google experience currently in development.

So What Is It Developers? Android or iPhone? — Marketing Pilgrim

Good news for Apple: despite the growing number of customers converting away from the iPhone to the Droid, developer support for Android appears to be waning. A smaller share of developers started Android projects in the second quarter of the year than the first, despite earlier reports that the painstaking Apple app approval process was causing programmers to shy away from iOS. Could this be a temporary flurry spurred by the announcement of the Verizon iPhone and the popularity of the iPad 2, or is Apple’s domination of the market here to stay?