5 For Friday — Links, Stories & Posts For Your Weekend

February 10th, 2012 by Jeff Ramos

Google’s home entertainment foray: Why the Motorola deal may work – ZDNET
With the acquisition of Motorola, Google is developing a home-entertainment system to take on Apple TV. Google has failed in this market before with Google TV. Google TV, to many users, was too much, too soon to succeed. Motorola has the technology in their already-existing cable boxes to help expedite this process. Will you try out this new software?

Survey: People Largely Negative About Google’s Personalized Search Results – Search Engine Land
In survey of 400 people to see what their thoughts were about Google’s personalized search tactics, 45% of the people surveyed said they would not like Google search results to be personalized at all. Would you prefer your results in an objective worldwide form, or should they cater to your history?

Paid Search Ad Copy Auditing – Whiteboard Friday – SEOMOZ
First-time Whiteboard Friday contributor Brian Rauschenbach explains how to optimize your ad copy on your paid search ads. Some great ideas from this video are testing shorter ad copy, creating multiple ads to compete with each other, and creating localisation to target certain cities.

How to Take Advantage of Apple’s Rise to Mobile Market Dominance – Search Engine Watch
With consumers using fewer and fewer personal PC’s, mobile marketing is considered the next big thing to many experts. By 2014, mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage. Can Apple’s iAd service get it together to start making money like Google is pulling in on the Android platform?

What is your SEO Social Signals Strategy? – Imedia Connection
Krista LaRiviere goes over how important social signals are to get Google to see your content as relevant. Social signals include Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+. Fresh content published to these platforms will improve this strategy.