5 for Friday — Links, Stories & Posts For Your Weekend

December 16th, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

The Evolution of Facebook Features — GroSocial

Facebook has come a long way from the humble blue-and-white, bare-bones-HTML, .edu-email-restricted social site we all came to know and love in 2005. Check out this visual map and see how the ‘book has exploded since its inception, becoming a multifaceted “people engine” that has spawned so many imitators.

INFOGRAPHIC: Web Equity – owning your digital presence — Blumenthals

As with any other form of endeavor, the more effort you put into your online presence, the better it will serve your business’s interests. Get the skinny on the major players in the web equity game with this handy infographic.

The Art of Timing – Posting on Facebook — DreamGrow

While you’ve crafted perfect actionable Facebook posts and gained countless fans of your brand, there’s one element missing: the art of good timing. Find out how to hit the scheduling sweet spot for your customers and make sure your content is being viewed by the most eyeballs possible!

Promoting Your Business via Twitter — ProNet Advertising

Twitter is a powerful networking tool, but all too often companies simply use it as another venue to spew out announcements without engaging in any customer interaction. Read this handy guide to learn about Twitter dynamics and the fine art of the 140-character strategy.

Epic: The Noob’s Complete Guide to Online Marketing [Infographic] — Social Times

Straight from the experts at Social Times, here’s a mammoth infographic that cleanly illustrates the A to Z of online marketing from the basics on up.