5 for Friday — Links, Stories & Posts for Your Weekend

December 7th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

• 7 Fun Ways to Inject Holiday Spirit into Your Social Media Campaign – Search Engine Journal

It’s official: the holiday season is here. Get your social media in the spirit! Incorporating the holidays into your company’s online presence can create many business opportunities. During the holidays, people are spending more time online looking for gifts, decorating ideas, and other holiday inspiration. Make use of your already-existing connection to capitalize on the opportunity!

• Why I Love Google Panda (and you should, too) – SEOMoz

Love Panda? Why would anyone in the SEO industry love Panda when it has caused so many of our small business clients to take a hit in rankings? While there are some growing pains, these updates are making Google more user-friendly and providing us with valuable SERPs. As online citizens, that’s something we can all get excited about.

• Facebook Users Have One Week to Vote on Policy Changes, Voting Rights – Mashable

Facebook users hit the polls! All members are prompted to vote on the proposed changes to Facebook’s State of Rights and Responsibilities and Data Use Policy. Facebook has opened the voting to let members decide if they rather their proposed changes or wish to keep things the way they have been.

• Google Adds New View to Local Searches on Ipad – Marketing Pilgrim

Google has updated its iPad interface to promote local search results. Users will now be able to see several local places’ overall review scores, pictures, and addresses in the SERPs in a “horizontal carousel,” as Google is calling it. Users can swipe across the screen for more results.

• Instagram and Twitter: The New Social Media Frenemies – Search Engine Journal

On Wednesday, Instagram turned off support of Twitter cards, which allowed Instagram photos to display in-tweet, in order to turn Twitter users to viewing content exclusively their own site. Could this be due to Facebook’s recent acquisition of the company?